YAYYY! I finished Drake

And now I'm sleeping like a dead woman


I write this edition of The Writer Gal Letter with enormous pride watching The Wimbledon Ladies’ Final. It’s Barty versus Pliskova with Barty leading. Excitement abounds in Casa Writer Gal since all of us are huge sports fiends - be it cricket, tennis, or football….or F1. (But more on that much later…)

I’m disappointed Spain lost but Harry Kane is a monster in the making for England’s football team!

Anyway, I’m keeping this edition super short because I do need time away from Laptop Ben, to plot the other Ben’s script in my head. (Reader friends who’ve been there from the beginning will know what I’m talking about).

I am also enjoying sharing the many faces of me on Instagram. For instance, this me as a Lucifan!

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This book…Oh, the journey of this particular book is one I’d like to write a story on. Because, in some ways, Drake and Anya’s story is the easiest story I’ve ever written, no resistance whatsoever in my head (okay, VERY little resistance) and, in other ways, this is the best month of my life because I’ve waited ALL MY LIFE to feel this way about writing a book.

It’s painless. It’s flowing. It’s everything I’ve always known to be the best part of being Writer Gal.

I’ll write in super soon with more deets - Series Title and a SMOKING HOT cover that I sincerely hope you guys love. In the meantime, here’s the working blurb for this incredibly passionate, totally steamy, amazingly heartbreaking story between two hearts who just DON’T trust each other, even though they are mean to.

A temporary wife. His permanent downfall?

Billionaire investor Drake Fallahil needs a wife in three weeks.

Or he stands to lose everything. Every. Thing. 

When he finds intriguing Anya Mallya-Bhatt in a compromising (read criminal) situation, he proposes a simple deal. 

Go to prison. Or marry him for ninety days and walk away with piles of cash when the arrangement ends. 

Penniless MBA student Anya doesn’t have a choice but to agree to the intractable billionaire’s proposal.

And she doesn’t know what’s worse. Being bound to Drake or wanting him beyond bearing. All she knows is, this is not a match made in heaven.

Between steamy nights and heady days, this marriage of convenience turns out to be the best bargain Drake ever struck. 

The only problem? Feisty, brilliant Anya has more of a claim on his monstrous heart, the more he gets to know her. 

And that. Is. Unacceptable. Isn't it? 

Writer Gal Recommends

  • Watching Loki. I inhaled the three episodes I missed out on while racing through Drake and Anya. And it. Is. Mindblowing! Watch now, peeps.

  • Reading Finshots. A sweet newsletter that explains the financial world one article at a time, breaking down complex financial structures, investment strategies and more. (Drake does a LOT of this in the book with Anya’s help, FYI).

  • Reading…well…I read my own words this week. So, I would love it if you guys read them too when it releases super soon! :P

  • Listening to the Lucifer soundtrack. It formed the freaking backbone of this book. I kid you not. Especially, Tom Ellis’ cover of Every Breath You Take and Creep. Aaah, it’s celestial, Postmate.

Writer Gal’s Writer Pal’s Present

This week I have a few awesome writer friends with new releases, series starters, and more. And if you keep scrolling down, there are other events too that I’m a part of that I’m sure you will enjoy, Postmate.

I sincerely hope you find a favorite author, or two, or ten! I know I’m diving into a lot of these books now that mine own is done for NOW!

First up is Kia Carrington Russel’s Vampire Hunter series, available in KU! The last book drops this week so this is an excellent time to dive into this PNR series with a strong and complicated warrior and the man who derails her plans (sorta like Drake and Anya, tbh).

Next up is one of my favorite billionaire romance writers - Fiona Murphy - with a brand new release in her Mafia series. This one’s called His: Tony and it is about the third Sabbatini brother.

Following Fiona is another billionaire romance writer (I’m fortunate to meet these ladies who write like me!) Bri Blackwood with Savage Empire. AND THAT COVER has my heart!

These are the three FREEBIE events I’m fortunate to be a part of, organized by bestsellers in the biz. So check out those buttons and see if any of these authors grab your interest?

Don’t be fooled by the name. These are some of the stickiest, steamiest romances with heart! So one click this link and get hopping on the summer action, Postmate.

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That is it from me for this edition, Postmate. I’ll see you soon with more Drake news!!

Till then,

Stay safe and awesome.