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I’m writing this edition of TWGL listening to Coldplay’s Hurts Like Heaven because…haha, I just saw Chris Martin in an episode of Modern Family. I’m so EXCITED from working on so many exciting projects to bring to you, Postmate, that TV time has now become comfort time. And nothing provides comfort like watching the loveable Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker household love each other thru all their shenanigans.

I swear, ever since I started editing CLAIM I needed something to distract from the stress of my first, shiny, new release in 2021, and Modern Family provided the perfect panacea.

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All of this is to tell you that CLAIM’s out and about and ready for you to be added to Goodreads and Read on KU. There are shiny buttons above and below this note to help you navigate to those pages!

And, in case I haven’t said it a MILLION times already, I AM SO SO SO grateful to all of you for embracing my words and stories the way you have! This book has already got the most reviews and ratings in Release Week and I JUST CANNOT! THANKKKKKKK YOU!

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Now onto the juicier parts of this edition.

Hello from The Hot Heroes of the Aarti V Raman-Verse

I am scrapping my regular bookish news/excerpt business for the next few newsletters because well….the HEROES demand air-time. I know, I know most of my readers keep asking about the ladies too, but, can I tell you a secret?

When I write the story, I imagine ME and, by extension, YOU, as the heroine and the Hero as Our Guy who does amazing wicked things to us that we experience simultaneously to our rocky, angsty Happy Ever After. I know, crazy, right? :P

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the first batch of Verse dudes come to say hello!

Note: The following section contains slight spoilers. Scroll on if you’ve not read the Millionaire Foes series.

When Four Foes Get Together…

Int. Day.

Mason’s penthouse apartment before the next Adya AGM.

Jamie: Hey, Aarti, thanks so much for FINALLY allowing us to come and chat with the people who love us. Yes, love, I’m talking to you, my dear reader. (gives a cheeky grin that unbends his stiff upper lip).

Mason: Typical Jamie! Being snarky to our dear Aarti. I’m so sorry, Aarti, you’ve to deal with this idiot. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you, love? (gives me a twinkle with his baby blues.)

Aarti: Thanks so much, Mason. I can’t-- (blushes prettily).

Ansh (Cutting in smoothly): Do not listen to both of them, Aarti. I need to talk to you about something important. I can’t wait.

Aarti: Is it about why you still haven’t gotten a sexy times scene?

Jordan (drolly): It is about why he still hasn’t gotten a sexy times scene with Kaah. (turns to me) You could have taken one of mine and given it to him. Barry and I are pretty generous, sweetheart. We could share airtime.

Mason: None of you idiots were there the night Kaah was almost attacked again. I was. Ansh is a moron if he thinks this part of his life with the grand love of his life should not be handled with grace and sensitivity. And left to the reader’s imagination!

Aarti: Thanks so much for explaining that to the guys, Mason. No wonder I chose to give you and Shruti the wedding of your dreams in Thailand!

Jordan: I want kids in my bonus scene!

Jamie: I want a long honeymoon with Aaliya. In the mountains. We’ve had enough frolicking on a Bahamas beach…and getting engaged in our private cove.

Ansh: Kaah and I shared our first kiss on a beach.

Jordan (gives me a thoughtful look): Are you a beach hound or something, Aarti? I met Barry in Thailand, you know.

Aarti: No! I just love exotic locations considering we haven’t gone anywhere IRL. And, Drake’s book was written in Singapore. Not a beach in sight in that one!

Drake: No. But you did write me a bathroom fit for a freaking well….me. (points to himself and mouths) Billionaire. And what Anya did to me there…(glares at me) You had no right to make me fall in love with her. There!

Aarti (mouth agape): What are you doing here? You’re not part of the super-secret Adya Foundation! This is off-script. (blinks and thinks furiously). Are you part of Adya?

Mrs. Coomi (wipes smudges off her glasses): He’s here by my invite. I met him during Dev and Zara’s wedding. He looked so miserable, poor thing. (glares sternly at me) Why did you make him so miserable, Aarti?

Jamie: She’s not so bad, Mrs. C. (gives me his patented deep smile which melts Aaliya) After all, she did make Anya fall stupid hard for him in the end.

Drake: Could have avoided all that emotional and physical terror in the middle, sweetheart.

Jordan: You know what she did to Barry and me. None of you win this round.

Mrs. Coomi (clears throat): If the festivities are over, can we call the meeting to order?

The men look abashed at her. Yes, even Jamie Smith, who was rumored to be a corporate shark, and Drake Fallahil who makes grown men quake in their boots with one slashing look.

Aarti slinks away quietly to think about her many mistakes and wonders how best to make these heroes (and others) more miserable so they know what it really feels to fall in love…


If you’d like to know what Jamie, Ansh, Jordan, and Mason are talking about, click on the button below. It takes you to the series page of The Millionaire Foes. And Drake’s info is up above already!

The Millionaire Foes Series

Writer Gal’s Writer Pals Present

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First up is Molly O’Hare’s Learning Curves. Apart from that bodacious cover, this story is special to Molly because it tackles many sensitive subjects such as learning disabilities, body-shaming all of which ends in Happy Ever After. And, FYI, it’s a teacher-parent romance with definite Never Been Kissed vibes. Sign. Me. Up!

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That is it for this edition of The Writer Gal Letter, Postmate. I’ll write in super soon with more Bastard Billionaires news, convies with more Verse Heroes and MY BIRTHDAY CELEBS news!

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