The Gold for The Olympics of Sleeping

A sneak preview of Drake! And my first public appearance of 2021 :)


I’m writing this edition of the Writer Gal Letter listening to Daddy Issues by The Neighborhood. My playlist is set to Shuffle so, I swear, this is just a coincidence and not Bastard Billionaire Drake-related :P

I am also eternally, exhaustively sleepy all the time, right now. We, in Mumbai, are supposed to be drowning in the rains but the temps are soaring and I have to actively work to keep my yawns to a minimum. I kid you not, I am never more grateful to this sexy business of writing books as I am today - when I spent the whole day sleeping because I just could not stay awake!

I have always maintained that if ever they held the Olympics of Napping, I’d take GOLD! Once, I slept for a day straight only waking up to go to the bathroom! :D Interesting side note: I binge-read the Twilight saga for four days so I was severely sleep-deprived and needed the rest.

Also, my Booboo has a toothache in the middle of exams so taking care of him has become my numero uno priority for the moment. Apart from actually sitting with him so he studies.

After all, family is way more important than work, isn’t it?

He’s actually shot up taller than me, and I feel very bittersweet and nostalgic and a little weepy about this happy development.

Now, onto some booksy news.

Want to read Claim’s first few chapters?

For the first time, in the history of me writing books, I took the plunge and created a sneak peek of my yet-to-be-released work. Because I know…I KNOW this book is cooking at its own pace and you, my dear Postmate, are impatient to see what Drake and Anya are up to in CLAIM.

So, without much fanfare, I present the sneak peek of CLAIM. Just click on the button below, it will take you to a Bookfunnel page. That’s the service I use to distribute my books to you, my dear Postmate. And stress not, your privacy is intact with them!

CLAIM your sneak peek now

Here’s the blurb in case you need to make up your mind:

A temporary wife. His permanent downfall?

Billionaire Drake Fallahil needs a wife in three weeks.

Or he stands to lose everything.

When he finds intriguing Anya Mallya-Bhatt in a compromising (read criminal) situation, he proposes a simple deal.

Go to prison. Or marry him for ninety days and walk away with piles of cash.

Desperate to save her family, MBA student Anya has no choice but to agree to the intractable investor's proposal.

She doesn’t know what’s worse. Being bound to her ice-cold husband or craving him!

This is not a match made in heaven. So she does the only thing she can - defy him.

Drake's marriage of convenience to Anya turns incredibly hot... one that spirals out of his possessive control.

But enemies, past and present, threaten Drake's tenuous control. Awakening the monster within. And the worst part? His much younger, secretive, whipsmart wife has more of a claim on his heart, the more he gets to know her...

And that's an unforgivable sin.
 Isn't it?

The Bastard Billionaires are ruthless, dangerous, powerful, born of secrets, sins, and ambition. Tempting the one woman who makes them burn with dark desires in a lush and dangerous world. Hate is just another word for want and love is the ultimate chase for them.

My first public appearance this year!

It’s lit fest season in India from August to January where different organizations and committees, book clubs, and book lovers organize sessions of all kinds, inviting authors like moi to come and do something they love to do anyway - talk about books:)

I deliberately chose to stay away from public appearances for last year’s lit fest season and for the first half of this year, because well…life, and the pandemic, and I wanted to spend time with you, Postmate, and my dear books. But now, I’m happy to dive back into connecting with more reader friends, hanging out with other authors, and coming back online to the land of the living.

To this end, I’m super excited to share my first public appearance of 2021 - The Phoenix Literature Fest being held on August 14 at 430pm IST. The fest is online so all you need is a link to tune in to Writer Gal nattering away, like I do here in The Writer Gal Letter :P

Join me here on 14 Aug 430pm IST

In fact, funny story. I had to do a poll to pick an author pic because I haven’t had the time or energy to do a decent pic for the last several months. I think that’s the reason I’m most excited for this event - that I will dress up and wear makeup and pretend to be an adult instead of the witch in shorts I usually am :D

Writer Gal Recommends

  • Watching The White Lotus: The cast is so good and diverse, but what I LOVE about this zany, thrill-filled, well-written, and very mystical series is that IT IS SET IN HAWAII! I get to vicariously live a five-star life on the beach and forget the pandemic exists for an hour every week. I strongly suggest you do too.

  • Psych: A psychic detective and his best friend solve crimes for the Santa Barbara Police Department. Beaches, murder, banter and best friends. Is it any wonder I’m nostalgia-watching my favorite whodunnit series. My cabin fever is at its peak.

  • Reading Lover Awakened by JR Ward: Zsadist is one of two heroes in the WORLD that I’d give my arms, legs, and heart to write. I’d give my kingdom away if he was real! Zee is damaged to the Nth degree and still so beautifully brave and protective of his Bella I can’t get over how their romance evolves.

  • The Tokyo Olympics’ coverage by Quartz: These newsletters made it so easy to keep track of who won what and who lost! Speaking of, NEERAJ CHOPRA won GOLD FOR JAVELIN! We wept in Casa Writer Gal when we saw the repeat. (I forbid everyone from watching the finals since I’m a superstitious woman and when we saw the rounds he X’d out!)

Writer Gal’s Writer Pals Present

This month I have a ton of freebies, events, and discounts from my writer pals, all over the world. A tiny disclaimer - please do check to see if the books are on discount at the various stores before making a purchase. When you do a return, (which you’re absolutely entitled to), a tiny piece of a writer’s heart dies because we take each return as a rejection even though we know you don’t mean it. Best to be safe than sorry :)

First up is a genre I KNOW you love - a steamy billionaire romance with a secret baby thrown in. Mister Bennet by Breanne Bergie is all sorts of swoony, and sexy, and with cute baby times. Plus, it is FREE so get it now?

Get Mister Bennett

Next up is Atlas Rose and Raven Scott’s Finley’s Allegiance. This cover has me dying inside with how good it is. And I don’t know about you but I’m going to get my hands on this freebie, myself. That title and that cover have me SOLD.

Finley's Allegiance is Free

Here are some steals and deals for you, Postmate. I’d personally suggest hitting the Boxset one right away, that’s on short notice :) And the protective heroes are all right up your alley, since you ADORE my Mercenary Protectors, don’t you? Scroll on and hit all the buttons to find all new and bestselling authors!

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That is it from me for this time, Postmate. I’ll write in with more Drake and new release news next time.

Till then, stay safe and awesome,