The Foes' Reunion is Live

And I am so touched by how impatient you are!

Mahalo Postmate,

I write this edition of The Writer Gal Letter listening to the stupendous Madison Reyes and Charlie Gillespie’s Bright. It’s one of the songs that I listened to on loop while writing the Reunion novella.

Speaking of….REUNION IS LIVE!


I know…I know…that’s a mouthful for a title but it really gives the books some gravitas doesn’t it? :D

Anyway, the collection which contains the exclusive Reunion novella is here. And live.

The buy button is down below.

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But, tbh, I am so thrilled and touched (and just a smidge scared) by how many of you DM’d me asking me when the book’s going live. This might be my favorite part of telling a story. The sheer impatience with which you, my reader friend, wait for one of my books to come.

And I am soooooo extra nervous and hoping you’ll think I have done justice to our Foes and their Fellarinas :)

Here’s the blurb too, to go with it.

Four incredibly hot millionaires, a reunion, and a... wedding!

Finally, the Millionaire Foe Quartet Complete Collection is here. Featuring all four couples of the Millionaire Foe Quartet and an exclusive novella - Reunion.

Corporate heiress Aaliya is forced to choose between the man she has to marry and the brooding bad boy who stole her heart when she was a young girl. But Jamie has vengeance on his mind, which leaves Aaliya In Love With Her Millionaire Foe...

Kahini is trapped in a nightmare of never-ending, menial jobs and vicious loans sharks circling her on the beaches of Goa. When her dead brother's best friend Ansh swoops in to rescue her, she owes the one man she swore to hate forever! Now, this songbird is In Debt To Her Millionaire Foe when her heart wants so much more with the bad boy hotelier.

Shruti only wants to own her Asian dessert fusion cafe... Unfortunately, she has to stand up to the powerful Jones-Tarrant clan to make her dream come true. Even more unfortunate is the deal she makes with New York's bad boy Mason which includes her pretending to be Engaged To Her Millionaire Foe...

Crusader and divorcee Barry gives all Menons a bad name in her small town, so she flees to Thailand to celebrate her birthday. She gets more than she bargained for when she spends an unforgettable night with the hottest man! Worst. Idea. Ever. Because, that man, Jordan, stands in the way of building a women's shelter... And is trying his hardest to convince her to stay In Bed With Her Millionaire Foe.

Also, featuring a special novella - Reunion - where you get to meet the beloved Foes and their other halves as they gather for a memorable weekend and a... surprise wedding?

The Geeks Congregate in March 2021…

And, now that my Writer Gal brain is all afire, let me just share what’s next in store for your Kindles.

Dev and Zara ARE GETTING MARRIED - and they…along with all of our Geeks are coming together in yet another collector’s edition boxset. I might even add A Tale of Two Christmases and Geeks of Caltech - Origins as part of the set, so my new reader friend will have a chance to devour the entire Geeks’ experience till now.

I am having such fun putting together these books because it gives me a chance to revisit the angst, quirks, and sexy times of each of the couples that really made me the writer I am today.

I really wanted to share the pre-order link for Filthy Rich Geek’s Wedding in Reunion itself but, unfortunately, Amazon won’t let me do that yet. I’ll write in to you as soon as I get that fixed!

In the meantime, here’s the cover for Filthy Rich Geek’s Wedding again!

Writer Gal’s Reading Recs

So, because of all the love you guys have given the Foes, I was finally able to gift myself a Kindle for Christmas. And, I spent the last month reading ALL the books! And discovering AMAZING new books. I plan on sharing a few of what I love and what my author friends are also releasing - freebies and free on KU for you to dive into.

If there are any particular tropes/authors/ lists you want me to share, hit reply and I’ll do so!

For this first time, I’d love to share these recommendations with you. These books are available to read on KU.

  1. Jane Austen’s Dragons by Maria Grace - Pride and Prejudice with DRAGONS! Need I say more? But this trilogy of period PNR romance is a faithful retelling of the OG Darcy-Elizabeth angsty romance with LOTS more Darcy in it and ALL the feels. And DRAGONS! I mean, DRAGONS!!!!

  2. Jackson: Against the Boards by Zoe Beth Geller - If sports romances are your thing, then these smoking hot hockey gods are sure to set your Kindles afire. Plus, there are ten of them to devour one after the other! Jackson is FREE for a limited time so be sure to try him out.

This last recommendation is of a historical romance that comes out on 8 Feb, 2021. I am currently EATING up the ARC of this book baby by Sapna Bhog because it is that good and that hot. I’m sharing the cover for it too, so you know how bodice-ripping good it is.

That’s about it from me for today, Postmate. I am now off to eat banana bread AND cake and take a few days off to recharge before I dive back into the wonderful heroes and heroines that populate my head :P

Till next time, stay safe and awesome.



PS: Be on the lookout for a Valentine’s Week Letter from me. It’s gonna have JUICY covers and JUICIER news!