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I’m writing this edition of The Writer Gal Letter listening to Jamie and Aaliya’s Exile by Tay Tay Swift and Bon Iver. If you've read that angsty, second chance romance where Jamie freaking ‘kidnaps’ Aaliya, you’d know why this IS their song. Give it a listen here.

You ever have one of those weeks and days when, like, the whole world is just collapsing on your shoulders? Not in a bad way, of course, but more like…My god, if one more thing gets added to my plate I’ll curl up into a quiet ball and sleep for a century!

Well, Postmate, I’m having that month, that week, that day. :D So, this Letter is actually being sent to you, courtesy of my alter ego, Tay Tay French Fry (smushing the divine Taylor Swift with my favorite guilty pleasure food).

I swear to you, escaping into my Writer Gal Letter world and talking to you is one of my sane gifts to myself. So, you know, thank you for reading me :D

I’d also like to thank one more person. My momma. My True North. Whose birthday we celebrated on the 26th - the day I sent my last edition. Doesn’t she just glow more than the flowers and the lights?!

Here are some pix from the celebs for you to enjoy via Instagram.

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Since gratitude also comes in threes, the last thing I’m grateful for is….*DRUMROLLLLLLL*


And, tbh, I AM DYING to know what you think of one of my best books ever (IMO).


All my books are special to me, but Drake has been such a difficult story to envision since 2012, since I first wrote the first draft of Second Chance, I find it hard to believe I actually did it. I wrote a whole amazing incredible angsty story for a complicated insanely beautiful man!

Here’s the blurb for it, once again in case you live on a planet NOT earth!

A temporary wife. His permanent downfall?

Billionaire Drake Fallahil needs a wife in three weeks.

Or he stands to lose everything.

When he finds intriguing Anya Mallya-Bhatt in a compromising (read criminal) situation, he proposes a simple deal.

Go to prison. Or marry him for ninety days and walk away with piles of cash.

Desperate to save her family, MBA student Anya has no choice but to agree to the intractable investor's proposal.

She doesn’t know what’s worse. Being bound to her ice-cold husband or craving him!

This is not a match made in heaven. So she does the only thing she can - defy him.

Drake's marriage of convenience to Anya turns incredibly hot... one that spirals out of his possessive control.

But enemies, past and present, threaten Drake's tenuous control. Awakening the monster within. And the worst part? His much younger, secretive, whipsmart wife has more of a claim on his heart, the more he gets to know her...

And that's an unforgivable sin. Isn't it?

The Bastard Billionaires are ruthless, dangerous, powerful, born of secrets, sins, and ambition. Tempting the one woman who makes them burn with dark desires in a lush and dangerous world. Hate is just another word for want and love is the ultimate chase for them.

Read CLAIM on Kindle Unlimited

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If you’re a long-time follower of the happenings in Aarti V Raman-verse then you KNOW Drake has a fairly complicated history with the Filthy Rich Geeks - Dev, Shiv, Kit, and Bharat. In fact, in an earlier iteration, I had totally planned to include him in that series because Lily and Drake are siblings.

If you’d like to read Kit and Lily’s story so you’re caught up on what happens with Drake and Lily and why he’s become what he has in CLAIM, please click on the button below and grab Her Millionaire’s Secret for absolute FREE JUST FOR TODAY!

The Millionaire Foes 1-4 boxset is free too as are MANY OTHER romances! Click on the button and go for it.

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BACKSTORY TIME: The pandemic being what it is, I decided a change was desperately needed and my most requested hero (apart from Dan Houston and Nate Jones-Tarrant) should headline a new series I hope with all my heart destroys readers for the next few years! Enter the Bastard Billionaires and all the shenanigans which ensue.

Not spoiling things yet, but there is a very strong FOES and Protector connection in CLAIM! And it’s only going to become stronger as Bastard Billionaires progresses with each new release.

Writer Gal Recommends

  • Watching The Other Guys on Netflix: I have always maintained that the end credits of The Other Guys - a kickass oddball dual-cop COMEDY - basically sets up one of the best movies about the 2008 financial crisis which explains how billionaires are made. And it is extra close to me rn because well, Bastard Billionaires! :P

  • Watching The Chair on Netflix: Sandra Oh at her neurotic, incredibly incredible finest. With a thirsty Jay Duplass who would be my crush as an English Lit professor if I ever went back to college. And all the English references in the world. So, sexy oh my.

Writer Gal’s Writer Pals Present

This edition of TWGL has a number of freebies and books on sale from my author pals all over the world. And a few exclusive events I’m a part of. Check them all out and see what appeals to you?

Tess Summers’ Operation Sex Kitten has a bonkers title and an incredible rom-suspense story to go with it. I’m excited to read it myself with so much going on in just word one. Are you?

SR Jones’ Twisted series is available to read on KU now that Twisted Bond is out. And I strongly recommend you go for it, Postmate. No regrets here with that cover and those brooding eyes! No?

Fiona Murphy’s hot HAWT His: Tony is on sale for 99c. And no one writes hot twisty romance like Fiona, trust me!

G'Mornin Hottie (Free Romance)!

Free Romance Reads

That’s it for this edition of The Writer Gal Letter. I’ll write in on the 10th and talk MORE Drake, my BIRTHDAY plans, and *fingers crossed* my full immunization!

Till then,

Stay safe and awesome,