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Mahalo Postmate,

I’m writing this edition of The Writer Gal Letter listening to Dev and Zara’s Wedding Soundtrack (dropping the button below so you know what’s in store!) with a BEAMING smile! Cuz tomorrow morning IST, I’ll get to take my parents to the local vaccination center so they can get their very first shot!

Yes, dearest Postmate, the happy ever after end to this wretched pandemic is now within my sights and I have ALL the feels. I am anxious and happy all at the same time. Kind of when release day approaches!

And speaking of releases and books here’s the Spotify Playlist for A Filthy Rich Geek’s Wedding! It’s undergoing a little bit of construction as the book is but the main heart of the list here!

Dev and Zara's Wedding Playlist

NOTE: For those of you who don’t have Spotify, just download the app, sign in using any email and click on the link. It’s TOTALLY free to listen to and these songs ARE Dev and Zara, trust me!

A Geek’s Announcement

So, I don’t know how many of you know that I am actually an avid (okay, amateur) poet. And I love, love poems that are dark and broken and with lots of layers to them. So, when this poem jumped into my head the other day as I was writing a very key Dev and Zara scene, I had to share it with the world.

So, here you go.

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I will admit, when I started this short delve back into the lives of the Geeks, I did not see any of these twists coming. Honest to god, Postmate, I sometimes feel like I learn about these characters right along with you. Which is the best thing about writing a KICK-ASS story, isn’t it? It manages to surprise you in the best ways possible.

Anyway, since I do not have an official blurb and release date yet, I am going to share a super-short but twist-filled sneak peek.

Are you ready?

 “Soo,” Kit drawled as he wended his way to the bar set up outside the shamiana – the wedding tent – and found his future brother-in-law brooding magnificently into the bottom of an amber liquid. Whiskey, he guessed. “You’re married.”

“Congratulations are in order, Drake.” He held his hand out, prayed to the gods that the seams of the linen-silk kurti Malishka Vartak had thrust at him at the beauty salon would hold up at the impromptu action. He was deathly afraid of tearing the material and ‘Hulking’ out of his clothes.

“Congratulations, man,” he prompted again when Drake ignored him. Purposefully.

“Come on, Drake. You can’t still be pissed off at me for being with your sister. There has to be an expiry date for your anger.” Kit tried again, to be reasonable.

Lily had actually been kind enough to tell Kit he didn’t have to be nice to Drake if the man couldn’t be bothered to respond to basic holiday greetings. And she’d been nothing less than pissed when she found out Drake had actually gotten married without informing his only living relative.

But Kit knew. Oh, he knew how mad siblings could make you. And how much you loved them regardless. Worried about them, constantly.

So, here he was. Making the effort for Lily’s and Bret’s sake. And, yes, his own too. He wasn’t a man who was cool with family strife. Love was in short supply as it was.

“Oh yeah?” Drake finished his drink and caressed the edges of the tumbler before placing it down carefully. “Want to bet? Holding grudges is a Fallahil specialty.” His lips twisted into something ugly and horrible. “My new bride told me that this morning.”

Kit manfully kept his wince inside. “I…”

Drake slipped his hand into Kit’s, shook it briskly. And even slapped it with his other palm for good measure. “Thank you for your wishes. I appreciate them. I’ll be sure to pass them onto Anya.”

“She’s beautiful.” Kit said politely, knowing it for the platitude it was.

“She’s whip-smart,” Drake said flatly. “She might actually be smarter than Shiv and that’s saying something.”

Kit grinned. “Well, then you’re in for interesting times.”

I *swear* on the nine muses, I did NOT intend to write this scene this way when I plotted this story. But, there you go. Are you as intrigued as I am to figure out what happens with Drake and Anya? I seriously hope the rest of their contentious sizzle unfolds for me and I can share it with you THIS YEAR! :D

In the meantime, here’s the pre-order button for Dev and Zara’s wedding novella.

Pre-order A Filthy Rich Geeks Wedding

Writer Gal Recommends

  1. I’ve actually teamed up with a fantastic line-up of authors from across the pond (US and UK) and we have an AMAZING catalog of books for you to add to your collection - all of which are only 99c (about INR 70/book). These are all amazing, steamy romances with plenty of angst and some badass couples. Click on the link below to avail of this offer. You WILL not regret it, my dear Postmate!


  2. Grey’s Anatomy - Specifically, season 5. I saw the whole season as I wept and wrote my way through Dev and Zara and the Geeks. It was angsty, epic, ROMANTIC in spades and it had TWO weddings (one of which makes it into the book). So, if you want to anticipate this book, I suggest grabbing tissues and going for it with McDreamy and McSteamy :P

    New Release Recommendation: Rafael by Fiona Murphy

    Look at that HOT handsomeness. And that delicious blurb. It’s enough to make you want to binge this book, RIGHT now, doesn’t it? I know I will as soon as I’m done refining Dev and Zara’s story!

    Download Rafael for $0.99 only

    My twin brothers have never been little angels but this time they might have gone too far in crossing Rafael Castillo. Rafael wants them punished to the furthest extent of the law for trespassing and destroying his company's construction site. I can't defend what they did, but I also can't let them go into juvenile detention. All I'm asking for is another chance. But the arrogant, gorgeous billionaire refuses and cuts me down without listening. So I might have started yelling, there might have been bitter accusations on both sides, and I might have lost it and cried. Then somehow I was in his arms.

    The instant lust shocks us both. Yet while I'm more than willing to act on it, Rafael refuses. Until I lie and tell him all I want are the nights in my bedroom. No commitment, no strings, just sex. Only all too soon it's not enough but will we ever make it out of the bedroom or are we doomed to fail?

Alright then, darling Postmate, this is all the news I have for you now. I’ll check back in next week with an even bigger book haul, more juicy news, Dev and Zara’s wedding blurb and release date as well as what’s in store for us ALL this year!

Till then, stay safe and awesome.