I Want To Thank You...

For giving me such an amazing year when the world ended!


I am writing this extra-special update of The Writer Gal Letter on this very last day of a year that has challenged us all, listening to my very favorite of all Book Soundtracks - Days of Our Lives! Actually, let me amend that. It has been a disastrous shitfuck of a year for everyone, including me. And nothing can change that.

Yet…yet…on this very last day of this extraordinary year I want to say thank you. Thank you, my dear Postmate, for being here. For going on this journey with me since April. And for being so wonderful and opening my letters, reading them, and making me feel heard.

A writer’s job is one of the most isolating. I sit on my keyboard and type the words out one by one, with no clue and no idea if they will be read, heard, or seen. There is only the hope that these words, my stories will resonate with you, cherished reader friend.

But, when you connect with me on social media, send me a review or rating on Goodreads or Amazon, DM me or join me as a Postmate, I know. I am seen. I matter.

It gives me the strength to go on and on and create more worlds for you to enjoy. Disappear into!

So, first of all, thank you for connecting with me. WHEREVER you do. I love you for being bold and brave enough to say hi. And I will try and earn the privilege of those who have done so and continue to do so!


Speaking of worlds we can all disappear into, the Millionaire Foes live in one such world, don’t they? A world full of amazing lush locales, opulence and wealth, and men who are sexy and powerful and complicated yet, decent at the heart of it all.

I know, men who treat people like shit (the arrogant alphaholes) are way more popular than these decent men but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to create one of them for you, Postmate. I am grateful that you’ve taken to my cinnamon roll heroes and given them a place in your hearts.

So, my FIRST of THREE gifts is to share this amazing update!

Now that Jordan is out, Jamie and Ansh are FREE for a limited time to end the year with a bang. Click on the button below and check the links from my Amazon Author page, wherever you are and you should be able to download In Love With Her Millionaire Foe and In Debt To Her Millionaire Foe!

Aarti V Raman on Amazon

Aarti V Raman on Amazon


I have been fortunate enough to team up with ALL the famous and bestselling romance authors from all over the world once again and our collective gift to you is to offer up THREE HUNDRED PLUS books to download for free!

Some of the links might only work on Amazon US but if you check your country’s page for the same book, you can TOTALLY download the free version from there.

TRUST ME! I am doing the same as soon as I hit send on this Writer Gal Letter! And my to-go authors are Amelia Wilde, Zoe York, Zoe Beth Geller, Aidy Aaward, Dylann Crush, Ainsley Booth, Sadie Haller, Laxmi Hariharan, Fiona Murphy….You guys get the picture, right?! :D

IMPORTANT: This is a 23 Hour Limited Time Offer so I would highly recommend you to one-click everything that catches your eye AS SOON as you get my letter.

Stuff Your E-Reader

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This is more a gift from you to me and one I will never forget as long as I live but YOU GUYS MADE THIS HAPPEN!

Jordan and Barry released on Monday, the 28th of December, and they BROKE AMAZON TOP 50 in India and have not BUDGED from there at the writing of this Writer Gal Letter.

I am not ashamed to admit, I cried uncontrollably when I first saw these numbers. Because they mean only one thing. Your faith in me, my storytelling, and your eagerness to escape into my world has strengthened in this shitfuck of a year. I cried because this has been my goal and mandate with every word I write in a book and to see it actually happen broke me down.

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Download In Bed With Her Millionaire Foe

Jordan is my favorite Foe of them all for many, many reasons - one of which he is my fictional husband - but I am amazed how much you all have taken Jamie, Ansh, Mason, and Jordan to hearts like Aaliya, Kahini, Shruti, and Barry!

Worry not! I plan on revisiting our beloved Foes whenever an opportunity to further their lives and stories presents itself, and the first one is a limited edition collector’s edition of The Millionaire Foe Quartet with a special ‘Reunion’ novella!

I have a few surprises and happy ever afters planned for our Foes and their Millionaires, which I hope will make you laugh and sigh and cry!

Aarti V Raman Release Updates For 2021!

My third and last gift to you is a solemn promise to write heroes and heroines you love and adore and can totally imagine hanging out with, in a cafe or bar or the comfort of your very homes. Whether they are secret princes, sexy geeks, heartless mercenaries, or CEOs of multinational corporations. They will always be your friends.

To this end, I present a mini-release update for the first few months of next year.

Starting with the Reunion novella starring our Millionaire Foes and introducing a hotshot Formula 1 aspiring champion who is going to BREAK your heart when he gets his own book! This will be followed by a very special but long-awaited wedding and revisiting the couple who started it all and an announcement you have waited for!

Then, OOOH, THEN I have the BEST surprise for you guys. A MISSION that will CHANGE the way you view and escape into the Writer Gal universe.

And finally, April and May 2021 will see the conclusion of the series that has torn me apart and stitched me back into the writer I am today. Extra hugs for guessing the series right!

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Like I said, this year has been spectacular in many ways. I have reached heights that have worked hard for but which eluded me till 2020. But I truly believe, 2021 is where WE ARE GOING TO TAKE OFF, you guys! There are so many more stories inside me that I need to share with you, so many other beautiful projects I’d love to show you and so many journeys we will go on together, but this much is and will always be true - Whatever I am is because of you.

And I thank you for that most of all.

Happy New Year and have a healthful, peaceful, and wonderful start to the next decade of our lives.

Till next time, stay safe and awesome.


Writer Gal