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...and The Millionaire Foes Boxset collection is now complete!


I’m writing this edition of The Writer Gal Letter listening to John Legend and Faouzia’s Minefields, which is definitely part of the Claim playlist. This song is EVERYTHING that Anya and Drake’s thorny stormy marriage of convenience.

Imma keep this edition uber-short because I have exactly seven minutes before I dive into CLAIM’s edits :D This edition has basically two quickie announcements.

Jake, Gabriel, Adrian, and Roark have a boxset

A few days ago, I had done a triptych of posts on IG about the brand process of Aarti V Raman, because of all the different covers being rehauled, the different titles being re-aligned. You, Postmate, of course, were privy to this knowledge and process as it was happening.

So, of course, I have to share this with you!

The remaining Millionaire Foes have their own boxset! So, this is the perfect time to complete your collection of the beloved heroes right in time for the release of Claim, next month. (Fingers crossed)

Free on KU

Visit the world of the Millionaire Foes once again in this lush, passionately steamy boxset of standalone enemies to lovers billionaire romance.

In Marrying Her Millionaire Foe, flaky heiress Rachel has to practically blackmail the hottest executive she’s ever met, Jake to marry her so she can build Melbourne’s hottest nightspot. But what happens when her temporary husband in their marriage of convenience turns into the very real love of her life?

In Remembering Her Millionaire Foe, free-spirited artist Alyssa cannot enjoy her exotic vacation because she’s haunted by the man she can’t remember…until she meets intriguingly hot billionaire Gabriel he becomes the man of her dreams. Then, Alyssa discovers the real price of falling for an enemy she can’t seem to forget.

In Betraying Her Millionaire Foe, Siobhan’s blackmailed into becoming her boss Adrian’s fake wife to save his life! But innocent Siobhan knows that her fake marriage could have very real consequences when rockstar Adrian discovers the depth of her betrayal. And loving him won’t save her from the aftermath.

In Inherited by her Millionaire Foe innocent tomboy KC is forced to confront her feelings and desire for her boss and childhood crush, Roark…even though he has a hot girlfriend. She’s forced to live with her billionaire boss, knowing each day will bring more arguments since Roark can’t stand her anymore. KC’s love is hopeless…so, why can’t the rugged cowboy keep his hands off her?

The Millionaire Foes Boxset (5-8) contains four standalone but interconnected steamy romances set around the world.

Enjoy these free books on me!

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That’s all from me for this edition of The Writer Gal Letter. I’ll write in super soon with AN AMAZING Drake announcement!

Till then, stay safe and awesome.