How Dev, Kit, Shiv Met Each Other

And what books I'm devouring during May break


I’m writing this edition of The Writer Gal Letter listening to my favorite soundtrack - Hamilton. It gives me such pep and energy and the scope of the Broadway show sets my imagination on fire and remembers me why, exactly, I love writing so much.

Did I ever tell you it is one of my cherished dreams to write a play one day and have its debut on a prestigious stage? Speaking of plays, I have actually written two plays in my life.

One was a dramatized version of Julius Caesar in the original Shakespearean English for a group History project during my first year in college, studying journalism. My cast was DYING by the time they memorized the Thees and Thous of it all :P (Yes, I was an exacting writer even when I was eighteen).

The other play was a truly funny and irreverent version of the Ramayana when I was fourteen. I’ll dig around and found the OG script but I vividly the one scene I was so happy to write - Ram wins Sita’s heart in a cooking competition using the secret weapon - MDH Masala. (For those of you not in India, MDH is a century-old brand of local spices that is known for its sheer spiciness).

Last time, I wrote to you from a dark and frankly exhausted place but, I’m so happy to report that it isn’t so dark anymore. And I am not so exhausted anymore. Which means…yep! The writing is coming back to me too. In fits and waves and gentle nudges.

So, without further ado, let’s get to ALL the bookish news, shall we?

The Geeks’ Boxset is Live

I’m so happy to share this particular release with you all because, of all my books, the Geeks hold such a special place in our collective reader hearts. Even mine. So, it is with such special pleasure that I share the Geeks Boxset with you.

Get the Filthy Rich Geeks Boxset

Get The Geeks Boxset

This particular version has A Geeks’ origins novella - where Kit, Dev, and Shiv meet each other and the remaining Geeks, barring Bharat. The boxset also has A Tale of Two Christmases - a sweet Kit and Lily prequel-ish novella that takes place a few years before the events in the books. And I had such fun writing it!

Then there are the four Geeks romances - Her Millionaire’s Return, Her Millionaire’s Salvation, Her Millionaire’s Secret, and Her Millionaire’s Redemption, with epilogues!

NOTE: I still haven’t written Bharat’s epilogue because, for the life of me, I absolutely CANNOT get the exact words right. I do know what I’m going to write though, thanks to Bhakti Gupte, one of you, my cherished reader Postmates!

Speaking of Epilogues…

I think, in the doom and gloom of the last Writer Gal Letter edition, some important news was swept to the side. So, I’ll just do a tiny repeat.

Three of my previous titles, rebranded and folded into the Millionaire Foes series have now gotten brand-new epilogues. Little glimpses of the future that connect them all to each other :)

I had so much fun writing these little nuggets, I so wish I had the same clarity for Bharat and Sophia too! But I PROMISE I will do it, at some point.

If you’d like to read these epilogues or the books, I’m sharing the individual links to each book.

In Bed With Her Millionaire Foe (contains Jake’s introduction and a Jordan/Barry epilogue)

Marrying Her Millionaire Foe (contains Gabriel’s introduction and a Jake/Rachel epilogue)

Remembering Her Millionaire Foe (contains Adrian’s introduction and a Gabriel/Alyssa epilogue)

Betraying Her Millionaire Foe (contains Roark’s introduction and a Siobhan/Adrian epilogue)

Or, if you have already read the books and just need to read the ‘What Happens Nexts’, I’ll be happy to send them to you. Just hit reply to this email and I’ll direct you to the proper link!

News on Next Release

So, I don’t want to make any promises I cannot keep but I am super keen to share that Lena and Share are going to be my next release!

I still am working on the details of the whole series but I can’t wait anymore to share Lena and Shane’s EPIC, HEARTBREAKING, SOOOOO HOT story with you, Postmate.

This story made me whole in a way I can’t properly explain to you without writing about in a separate Writer Gal Letter.

And…speaking of new…the first book in the new series COULD be a familiar billionaire hedge fund investor who recently found himself with a feisty, angry, sexy wife at the Geeks’ wedding….(Any guesses who?)

I hope this keeps your reader’s heart anticipating for now as I finalize plans :)

Writer Gal Recommends

  1. I am DEVOURING the Ilona Andrews back and frontlist. This brilliant paranormal romance series with Kate Daniels and HUNKYYYY lion shifter aka Beast Lord Curran Lennart is EVERYTHING I love about a series done freaking brilliantly - perfect world-building, a hot romance, a strong heroine with a badass job and sword, and a hero who is FUCKING HEROIC! Not to mention banter. So much banter!

  2. I’m also watching Zoo - this series that does a hot take on a global pandemic when the animal kingdom rises up against their prey, man. It’s properly informative and thrilling by turns.

  3. I’m also reading Chloe Neil’s Chicagoland Vampires series. Vampire Liege Ethan reminds me of Mr. Darcy in lots of ways, so you know how that would make for great reading.

  4. I stayed up till five am to finish reading Amelia Wilde’s Hades and Persephone and the Zeus trilogy. Waiting for the final book to drop so I can give one night to pirate Poseidon too.

  5. Sleeping eight hours a night if you can. My sleep cycles were severely messed up the last month and I think that majorly contributed to my lack of energy, motivation, and general perkiness. (Can you sense my perkiness now? :D) So I highly recommend getting the shut-eye as much as you can unless, of course, you have a hot book waiting to whisk you away to a land far far away.

Writer Gal’s Writer Pals Present

So, I have so many recommendations and releases from my friends that I now need to give them their own section! These books are all primarily romances in various sub-genres. I’ll mix it up with new releases, on sale, free and first in series books so you have a chance to find a new favorite author, as you found me. <3

This is a collection of steamy FREE romances in a great bundle! The bundle is called Deliciously Dark so you know what you’re in for! Hot, grabbing romances with alpha heroes and feisty heroines!


This alien romance boxset comprises smexy stories set in space and earth starring, yep, you guessed it, Aliens! (Think various versions of Thor).


These are Kindle Unlimited new releases from my author friends! So you can whip out your Kindles right now and load ‘em in!

Rookie in Love by Zoe Beth Geller - A hot age-gap romance with a twist! She’s a twenty-eight-year-old lawyer and he is the hotshot younger rookie who joins the Maine Maulers as their newest recruit.

A Billionaire’s Complicated Love by Posey Parks - A dark romance (it comes with trigger warnings), this is a sexy second chance medical romance. SIGN me up, am I right?

Chased by Felicity Brandon- A mafia romance with a sexy British crime guy and the heroine who brings him to his knees? YES, please. (This could be slightly darker since hello, Mafia so proceed with caution and anticipation).

This is all the juicy news for this edition of the Writer Gal Letter. I’ll be writing in on the 25th next with more juicy news, so keep a watch for the next edition.

Till next time stay safe and awesome.