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I’m writing this edition of the Writer Gal Letter listening to some of my most favorite music - from the Netflix show Daybreak.

Hello friend and welcome to the unique, funny, goofy, musical, and very booksy world of Aarti V Raman aka Writer Gal. Thank you so much for agreeing to come on this journey with me!

I hope to earn the privilege of your time, interest, and money. (Let’s be honest, we authors can’t exist on praise alone although believe me, I’ve tried!). So, seriously thanks!

I also hope to entertain the heck out of you with my stories - both personal and on the page.

The Writer Gal Letter is basically my little corner of digitalia - where I share bookish and life updates, as well as excerpts of WIPs and cover reveals BEFORE everywhere else on public social media. With the exception of my Facebook Group - Writer Gal’s Reader Pals.

You are most welcome to join me there but if you prefer old-fashioned letters, which I most certainly do, we can just hang out here. I’ll do my best to entertain you and give you all the Writer Galiness you could ask for.

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To this end, here’s a chance for you to get a little sampler of the Writer Gal’s universe. I write steamy contemporary romances with strong heroes and stronger heroines who take them on! Sometimes, there are guns and bombs in them. And I love, love writing about people from different cultures and countries although I’m a desi girl at heart.

My stories are always guaranteed a Happy Ever After although, fair warning, they just might break your heart and squeeze you breathless along the way.

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Think of them as taste tests, appetizers of my brand of storytelling that I sincerely hope to entice you into joining the gang of Awesomes I call reader friends.

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You have Thrilling, Sexy, Geeky, and Royal to choose from. And, because I am a generous Writer Gal, you’ll also get a full-length novella from a bestselling anthology in each of the samplers.

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