I am *actually* writing DRAKE

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I’m writing this edition of The Writer Gal Letter listening to Devil by Milck, super appropriate since I am officially obsessed with Lucifer! And why this is important will become apparent as you scroll down, but suffice it to say that what, or rather who, did not work for me back in 2016 has my whole heart, body, and soul now :P

It’s weird to think of the person I was back in 2016. The writer I was because that’s what I always think of myself first and forever. And, modesty aside, I consider myself to be an epic storyteller. One who gets it or at least, tries to get it, right every single time. Doing this for 20+ releases and countless finished and unfinished drafts should ideally make me more confident and less a stress ball of anxiety and desperation, right? I mean, the math speaks for itself.

But that’s not always been the case. In fact, it has NEVER been the case. I am always worried about WRITING the story as if it was something outside of me that I could control. As if I could even TRY to control it.

Well, Postmate, guess what? Just like my opinion on Lucifer changed, so did I, on the inside. So, this time, instead of trying to write the story, I just decided to TELL it.

What. A. Relief.

Because this brings me to the biggest news of all for this edition!


(And I hope to finish him soon).

When I first thought of telling Drake’s story, I had NO idea where I’d end up. Because well, he seemed larger than life and preposterous as a hero. A true-blue billionaire who could be Bruce Wayne’s cousin. Humanizing him should have been a huge task because humans have flaws and need validation…are looking for love.

Drake seemed invulnerable.

Sort of like Lucifer.

But, the more I saw the series and Luci’s crazy eyes, the more I understood my Drake, which made bringing him to life, a pure and unfettered joy.

For reference: THIS is Lucifer :P

Was it easy? No. But, I am not sure it’s meant to be.

But it is FREAKING worth it because Drake and Anya…oh! Man. They have some DRAMA and ANGST and their steam heated up my head way more than I would have figured possible.

ANYWAY, because I love you so much and you have been so patient with me, I’ve decided to do something unorthodox this time. And, hopefully, something you’ll enjoy.

An Anya Excerpt

And because I absolutely LOVE the world right now, I’m also sharing this excerpt which did make it into the book!

“I used to hear this happened in Harvard,” one of the girls, Nonita, giggled as she refreshed her lipstick. The color she used was a dark wine red, almost black, and it was sexy as hell. “They would bus in these girls from the nearby colleges – BU and the like – all for the privilege of sleeping with the next powerful man in business from the Final Clubs. They’d call it the Fuck Bus.”

Anya Mallya-Bhatt flinched as she heard the crude term.

The girls around her burst out laughing. They didn’t feel offended at the term or the fact that they were all traveling in a similar vehicle, a small tastefully decorated motor vehicle that held about forty beautifully attired girls – ranging from blond, brunette to true redheads and all the shades under the sun. They were all of legal age, of course, but they looked no older than nineteen, at the most.

“I like it,” one of the other girls declared. She did a quick shimmy on the nearest pole. The slit in her cheongsam riding high, revealing a white garter that gleamed against the whiteness of her thigh. “We ride the Fuck Bus.”

Anya pressed herself straight against the last seat at the very edge of the bus. Wishing she could be anywhere but here. Enduring this depraved and humiliating experience, for the sake of a promise she shouldn’t have had to make in the first place.

She had exams coming up next week. An important paper on the Ethics of International Finance that she had to research for. She didn’t actually have time to be on the goddamn fuck bus.

But here she was.

Anya watched as the bus took a turn of Tanjong Pagar and entered the elite part of the fair country she called home. Tanjong Pagar was an upscale neighborhood, gentrified by the startup billionaires who showed up here in the last twenty years, right when Singapore tech and innovation with both arms and legs.

The difference in the neighborhood became noticeable, even though it was after eleven pm and most of the restaurants and cafes were shutting down. Leaving just the late-night ones open for business.

On one side were the cute and kitschy shops, maintained by a beautiful sidewalk, where ordinary folk ordered their turmeric chai lattes and tomato and egg ramen noodles, unwinding after a long week at work.

 And, then, on this side, the side of the bus were the tall skyscrapers – chrome and steel monstrosities covered by vertical gardens to maintain the Smart Green City tag. These office spaces and residences had sprung up around the time the new millionaires showed up, adapting to the chic and quaint pace of Singapore faster than anyone ever gave them credit for.

Like monolithic gods towering to the sky, blending into it as if they belonged there more than the ordinary folks ever could.

On this side of the road, Lexuses and Jags dotted the road, zooming past at ungodly speeds toward the ritzier Friday night spots.

On this side of the road, wealth and class mingled quietly with each other to create untold wealth and dynasties that were just beginning to emerge.

It was as if an invisible line divided the six-lane freeway.

I’ll share more details on the book, the series, all things Drake and Anya once I’m sufficiently resurrected and able to form two cohesive thoughts that don’t involve me scream-crying “I finished it I finished it” every two seconds. But the excerpt and the bonus scene SHOULD last you till then, no?

Writer Gal Recommends

  • WATCHING LUCIFER: For the crazy eyes. The sexy Brit accent, which is the sexiest in the world! For the cut of his suit and the CRAZY eyes! This can also be called Drake-prep if you need an actual valid reason to!

  • Ted Lasso: The most optimistic and warm-hearted series I’ve seen after Schitt’s Creek. Plus, a lot of the music from Lucifer and Ted Lasso has made it into the official playlist of this book. So, yeah. Another reason :D

  • Reading Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo: I have been obsessed with writing this book so my reading has fallen just a bit by the wayside. Altho, I try and finish at least one book a week.

  • I also lightly skimmed through this series called Devil’s Night by Penelope Douglas. While the steam was undeniably steamy and the character development was spot on, the romance in these books is not my cup of tea. Still, I did enjoy what I read.

  • What I AM looking forward to, though, is devouring the Devil (there it is again, haha!) trilogy by Amelia Wilde. It’s Poseidon’s myth re-told and promises to be all kinds of hot and smexy. JUST my cup of tea.

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That’s it for this edition of The Writer Gal Letter, Postmate. I will write to you super soon, before the 10th of July because I want to talk all things Drake with you!

Till then, stay safe and awesome.