CLAIM has a release date

'Cuz I wrote the end on the edits!


I’m writing this edition listening to Jordan’s playlist from In Bed With Her Millionaire Foe. Mostly, because I’m editing CLAIM and Dan Houston, Jordan’s best friend and business partner, makes an appearance in it. Drake and he have business to discuss :P

I’m keeping this edition of The Writer Gal Letter a little short, mostly because it’s nearly 4 pm and I must lunch but also because it’s a mid-week one!

So…drumroll please…and SAVE THE DATE!


I finished the edits on this badass book baby and it’s clocked in at more than 100000 words! That’s like a LOT especially because I wrote it in 20 days flat, all things considered.

So I can now confidently give you a release date, Postmate.

AND IT IS 31st August - just two short weeks away!!!!

If you are an impatient eager beaver, and I know you are, please click on this button below and read the first four chapters of DRAKE and ANYA’s epic slow burn, enemies to lovers romance.

CLAIM your free sample

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I am beyond excited to know what you think of CLAIM and this book has so much of my newfound, expanded heart that I just…GOD, I want to hug each and every one of you for making my dream job possible.


Writer Gal Recommends

  • Watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Amy and Rosa and Charles and Holt and Terry and Hitchcock and Scully, and GINA LINETTI! The nine-nine squad made editing CLAIM a breeze and I just…god, I wish to tell a story as touching, funny, emotional, badass, passionate, and sweet as B-99!

  • Reading A Filthy Rich Geek’s Wedding: In anticipation of Drake and Anya’s epic clashes. Followed by the first four chapters of CLAIM if you can’t wait. (True story: When I wrote Wedding I had no clue how Anya and Drake came to be married and were fighting with each other. All I knew was they were :D)

Writer Gal’s Writer Pals Present

This month, I have a ton of freebies, events, and discounts from my writer pals, from all over the world. A tiny disclaimer - please do check to see if the books are on discount at the various stores before making a purchase. When you do a return, (which you’re absolutely entitled to), a tiny piece of a writer’s heart dies because we take each return as a rejection even though we know you don’t mean it. Best to be safe than sorry :)

Sara Whitney has a super-cute rom-com that I am DYING to read myself so I’ll be getting this freebie along with you, Postmate. It’s got a grumpy hero and a sunshine hero and CAKE! Need I say more? Tempting Taste is tempting as hello!

Get Tempting Taste for free

Atlas Rose and Raven Scott’s Finley’s Allegiance. This cover has me dying inside with how good it is. And I don’t know about you but I’m going to get my hands on this freebie, myself. That title and that cover have me SOLD.

Finley's Allegiance is Free

Here are some steals and deals for you, Postmate. I’D personally suggest hitting Hearts in Suspense since I know romantic suspense is your jam, like mine. And the protective heroes are all right up your alley, since you ADORE my Mercenary Protectors, don’t you? Scroll on and hit all the buttons to find all new and bestselling authors!

Meet the Protective Heroes

Hearts in Suspense

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Three Bs

Bring on the Steam

Fall in Love with a Romantic Novel

That is it from me for this time, Postmate. The 26th of August is my mama’s birthday and I am going to make it an epic one. I’ll write in and tell you all about how it went as well as more Drake shenanigans in anticipation of CLAIM’S release!

Till then, stay safe and awesome,