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I’m writing this edition of The Writer Gal listening to the smoky whiskey vocals of a certain Bradley Cooper who, as you know, is THE muse behind Drake Fallahil. I kid you not, I had a severe problem NOT waxing eloquent ad nauseum about Drake’s ‘Miles of Blue’ eyes because well…I had to stare at Bradley C’s eyes every time I opened my phone or laptop and fall in love just a teeny bit more.

And this was the case till I fell even more for a certain charming Devil who well…yeah…Bradleystar made writing Drake and Anya’s story the easiest rush in the world. (Hardcore Tom Ellis will get the reference :P)

I’m going to rush through this edition because I just made the most delicious Burmese Khao Swe for lunch and am dying to have it! Cooking is one of my self-care activities especially when I am too hard on myself or have finished a major project LIKE WRITING DRAKE IN THREE WEEKS FLAT (give or take my fevered delirium during eclipse season). Follow me on Instagram if you want to see how it turns out!

Speaking of the ‘Gram, I shared the title reveal over there and am BEYOND EXCITED to announce the title of Billionaire Bastards 1!

CLAIM - Billionaire Bastards Book 1

YAAASS! LOOK at that prettiness, Postmate? Doesn’t it convey everything that you’re (fingers crossed) hoping for from Drake and Anya’s story? The angst. The passion. The steam. The conflict.


So, when I first started this book, the book was called DrakexAnya first draft! :D I usually name my books after the mains because the title doesn’t come to me for a good long while. Sometimes, right before I’m about to announce it publicly.

But, this title - it stuck the second I saw Bradley Cooper in Burnt back in 2013! Okay, the story took about eight more years to cook and be served to you but such is life. Glorious, and messy, and unexpectedly beautiful.

Precisely, how I hope you’ll feel about Drake and Anya’s EPIC romance and angst-filled marriage of convenience.

Here’s a revised version of the blurb (subject to change) to whet your appetite even more.

A temporary wife. His permanent downfall?

Billionaire investor Drake Fallahil needs a wife in three weeks.

Or he stands to lose everything. Every. Thing.

When he finds intriguing Anya Mallya-Bhatt in a compromising (read criminal) situation, he proposes a simple deal.

Go to prison. Or marry him for ninety days and walk away with piles of cash when the arrangement ends.

Penniless MBA student Anya doesn’t have a choice but to agree to the intractable billionaire’s proposal.

She doesn’t know what’s worse. Being bound to Drake or wanting him beyond bearing. All she knows is, this is not a match made in heaven.

So Anya does the only thing she can. She denies him... And she defies him.

It sets off a war of wills between these two wary hearts that explodes into a passion neither saw coming.

Between steamy nights and heady days, this marriage of convenience turns out to be the best bargain Drake ever struck.

But feisty Anya has secrets Drake can only guess at. And Drake's dark past is about to rise up and destroy everything he's built.

What's worse? The more he gets to know his brilliant bride, the more claim she has on his monstrous heart.

And that is the worst sin of all. Isn't it?

Drake Excerpt

I couldn’t continue this edition without sharing a Claim excerpt, couldn’t I?

Well. Here you go.

Drake’s gut tightened as he saw a business acquaintance grab one goblet and pour its contents down the throat of his date. He’d squeezed her boob out of the tight pink dress she wore and was fondling it with impunity.

The woman’s eyes turned glassy, her face went slack as the drugs hit her system.

All night long, he’d seen various versions of these dates being undressed and drugged in little corners, right out in the middle of the so-called dance floor. And more.

Unfortunately, even looking at all of the nudity bared for him he was unmoved. Completely bored out of his 140 IQ brain.

“You want that, huh?” Ajay ruminated. “Can’t blame you. She’s fucking hot.”

He mistook Drake’s interest for desire and Drake was inclined to correct him, because the idea of this frankly creepy man discovering the nature of Drake’s desires was idiotic. He even opened his mouth to disabuse him of the notion when his interest was snagged.



One of the women, the ‘dates’ the hosts had so helpfully procured for the night was sliding out of the giant party floor. She stuck to the edges of the glass wall till it merged with the wood paneling, giving access to the other rooms and areas of the penthouse.

She was a tiny thing even in her pointy shoes, encased in sheer black stockings.

The spit dried up in Drake’s mouth at the sudden and explicit image he had of kneeling down and rolling them down her legs.

Her dark hair was artfully messed up to fall on her shoulders and her all-black outfit stood out against the hot colors and splashy choices of the other dates and even some of the guests.

But it wasn’t her clothes or the line of her legs, silkily visible halfway across this great expanse of a room, that riveted him.

It was the expression on her face.

Illuminated, as if a spotlight had been cast on her, especially for him. Because no one else, not the people snorting and drinking and injecting or screwing each other or the helpful but invisible wait staff was watching her. They were all focused on each other.

And in a sea of people who were intent on numbing themselves, this woman seemed out of place with how fragile and alive she was.

Something stirred in him at the expression on her half-hidden face.

It was unmitigated rage mingled with stark, naked fear.

Writer Gal Recommends

  • LOKI! LOKI! That FINALE blew my brains away (metaphorically) and made it so apparent that self-love is the highest ideal we can all hope to achieve. Not to mention, time as a linear concept does not exist and that just opened so many different ideas for writing for me :D

I also needed a hardcore palette cleanser after living in Hell with a certain fallen angel, so I am now indulging in a lot of different shows.

  • Marvel’s Daredevil is first up on the list. He kind of counts as research for a super ambitious project I am dying to attempt. (Yes, is writing. That’s all I can say for now).

  • Shrill - OH MY GOD! This is my new favorite show about neurotic women who are their own worst enemy! IMO, Shrill is better than Fleabag from the pilot episode that I inhaled while having breakfast today!

  • Reading-wise, I’m honored to beta read a honey of a thriller from a dear friend. And I will GUSH it up when the time comes for release, Postmate. I WANT you to devour this book too!

I’m also debating whether you would be interested in the DrakexAnya playlist this early on, so write back to me and let me know, will you?

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That is it from me for this edition, Postmate. I’ll see you soon with more Drake news!!