A Tale of Rubbing Alcohol, Podcasts and Me

...And some Millionaire Foes' news!


I’m writing this edition of The Writer Gal Letter listening to one of my new favorite soundtracks - SOLOS. And while I talk about SOLOS, PLEASE watch it? It’s such a brilliant and soulful way to explain what the hell happened to us in 2020 and 2021!

Now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I am NOT into domesticated chores. They bug me, bore me, and keep me away from my favorite thing in the world - writing books. (I was going to say Naps but…I love my stories a smidge more than naps! :P)

But, with this pandemic, I’ve become somewhat of a domestic expert. And the best part? With this awesome new hack I invented for myself, I ENJOY doing them. Which, brings me to this accomplishing tale I have for you.

The School of YouTube brought with it many and varied teachings - I learned astrology, tarot, crafting, and cooking the most delicious and different recipes. Recently, I stumbled across the channel of this YouTuber ‘LatinaNextDoor’. And she used rubbing alcohol to clean absolutely everything.

Me, being over-achiever me, I was enamored of the idea of deep cleaning every single dirty and dusty inch of my home as well as my grandparents. And, me being life-hacker me, I was able to deduce something extraordinary. The sanitizer we use at home contains Isopropyl Alcohol which can be used to clean really dirty and dusty surfaces in a pinch!

BONUS: You disinfect those places too such as walls, toilets, tiles, stovetops and chimneys, switches. EVERYTHING!

PROTIP: Wear gloves and use a hard scrub brush gently to scrape off the dirt because you don’t want the sanitizer to splash on your palms and cause ice burning!

I’m now happily keeping my hands busy by scrub-scrubbing my house to perfection while listening to The Office Ladies podcast which is hilarious and nostalgic as fuck.

And guess what? Because my hands and brain are busy, my mind is producing IDEAS for a certain Billionaire Investor and his snarling new bride! Talk about killing three birds with one stone.


I had a few of you write to me, dear Postmate, so I caved in and released the reunion novella as a standalone accompaniment to the series. It even has its own cover and blurb, which I’ll share below.

Read Reunion Here

BLURB: Return to the world of the Millionaire Foes in a small reunion novella!

Jamie, Ansh, Mason, and Jordan come together for an exotic island holiday weekend like no other...especially with Aaliya, Kahini, Shruti, and Barry in tow.

The four millionaires are now living their individual happy ever afters with the loves of their lives, but questions linger...old wounds resurface, and...what best time than a reunion for a surprise wedding?

The story remains the same and I haven’t added any extra content right now to the novella, but if there’s a scene you’d like to see, write back and I’ll make it into a bonus scene for you.

Revisiting the Foes makes me so happy and I hope it does you too! And if you’ve not read this sweet and heartwarming and sobby novella starring your favorite Foes, now’s the time to do so!

A small request, if you’ve read the Reunion novella already in the earlier edition, I’d LOVE it if you could just drop a one-liner review anywhere. Social media, Goodreads, and Amazon.

if you can’t, you are awesome anyway. And I love you tons. Just for being here.

Re-Introducing A Series: Her Mercenary Protector

So, the whole of my breakdown holiday has gone in setting the Aarti V Raman universe or the Aartiverse in order. All of the books now belong in proper series (apart from two and my long-term Postmates could name them :P)

Anyway, in the interest of making things easy and orderly, I have rebranded my military romantic suspense novels into a single series - Her Mercenary Protector.

And here are the preciously hot covers. Sigh.

To Love Honor and Avenge was previously Warrior Knight.

To Love Honor and Betray was previously Guardian Knight.

To Love Honor and Defy was previously Soldier Prince.

Note: The books remain the very same inside, except for a MAJOR tweak where Krivi, Brandon, and Iceman work with each other! Which, by the way, was something I should have done when I wrote them all. Because their skillsets, background, AND traumas all match each other. (Aarti, you silly doof).

Writer Gal Recommends

  1. Watching Mare of Easttown - KATE WINSLET. As. A. Frazzled. Grandmother. And. Badass. Cop. Need I say more? (Also, I feel slightly panicked at the idea that my childhood girl crush is now playing grandma on TV. What does that say about me? :P)

  2. Watching SOLOS - I Know. I already talked about Solos at the beginning of this letter. But I have to mention it again. It. Is. Amazing. Plus, this is the star cast - Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Anne Hathaway, Uzo Aduba, Dan Stevens, Anthony Mackie, and Nicole Beharie. I do not want to spoil your viewing so I will say this: Watch it and weep. I did.

  3. Emma’s Goodies and The Latina Next Door on Youtube - Emma makes the most delicious egg-free baking goodies (I bought my first batch of self-rising flour to try her donuts recipe) and well, you know why I adore TLND!

  4. Kaz Brekker and The Six of Crows - So Leigh Bardugo, one of my FAVORITE writers ever has a new series out on Netflix - Shadow and Bone. And I’m reading my personal favorite of the series - Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom and the next two releases before I dive into Shadow and Bone.

  5. Rubbing Alcohol and Scrub Brushes for the FREAKING PANDEMIC WIN (I’ll share before and after pictures in the next letter. I promise!)

Writer Gal’s Writer Pals

This week, I have an awesome and smexy duet from my pal Gwynn McNamee. The first book is free and the second one is only 99c worldwide so grab ‘em both now.

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This is all the news I have for you in this edition. The next edition of The Writer Gal Letter will hit your inbox on June 10, 2021.

Till then, stay safe and awesome.